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Best 3 Drawer Breche Marble French Polished Restored Commode Dresser C1890 MINT

Measures 45 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 36 inches tall.
This is a breathtaking French-made 1890s era commode with the finest Breceh D’ Alep marble top. The case has been painstakingly restored and is in a fine French-polished finish. The piece is simply breathtaking!
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The vast majority of our furniture is painstakingly restored in an “Old world” French-polished finish for a luxurious finish. An important note when an item is French polished, the piece will have no odors, nicotine stains or residue and absolutely no off-gasses since we use Shellac which is inert and a natural product found in nature. This is very important for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities!