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Beautiful French Polished English Georgian Inlaid Chippendale Bookcase China

19 deep x 81 tall x 39 wide
This gorgeous 1940s era hand-made English mahogany bookcase is really quite a beautiful and well-made piece of furniture. Look at the individual panes of glass that make up the doors and the gorgeous wood quality and inlay. This is why we restored it! Because of the intrinsic beauty this cabinet has. It is in two pieces.
The vast majority of our furniture is painstakingly restored in an “Old world” French-polished finish for a luxurious finish. An important note when an item is French polished, the piece will have no odors, nicotine stains or residue and absolutely no off-gasses since we use Shellac which is inert and a natural product found in nature. This is very important for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities!
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