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HUGE French 25 Light 51 inch tall ROCK Crystal Amethyst & Natural Quartz

HUGE Schonbeck 25 Light 51 inch tall ROCK Crystal Amethyst & Natural Quartz

Measures 51 inches tall x 36 wide

How Can I express this monumental, delicate and indelible beauty of this incredible amethyst and natural rock crystal chandelier! I mean, just look at it! Priced at over 45000.00 when New, this La Scala chandelier has no equal in their line anymore. You can not buy-with any amount of money, an equal chandelier to this one from Schonbeck! They don’t make it anymore! The cost of the crystals-which are H U G E ARE EXHORBITANT! Similar crystals, much smaller than these, are going for hundreds of dollars each on ebay. The crystal ball, measuring 5 inches in diameter is 2400.00 alone! This is done in the antique silver leaf finish and is absolutely breathtaking! Find one more beautiful if you can? We can negotiate but we have to consider shipping as part of the price for sure, It will be shipped with all of the crystals removed and then you can match up the placement with these photos. I have provided 70 photos to show there is no damage, no missing crystals and a canopy too. They don’t get better!

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