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French Polishing

We Ensure Stunning Antique Beauty through Quality French Polishing

At Mill House Antiques we provide the glossiest and most immaculate look for our antiques through quality French polishing. We want our valued customers to enjoy brilliant, eye-catching antiques and there’s no question that French polishing is the right process needed to enhance the antique’s natural color and bring out a stunning “cat’s eye” effect.

What Is French Polishing and Why Do We Use French Polishing for Antiques?

Becoming popular as far back as the 18th century, French polishing is still considered by many as the best way to finish wood, especially when considering how easy French polishing can be repaired when compared to damaged varnish finish. Through the application of many thin coats of alcohol-dissolved shellac (special resin) with an oil-lubricated rubbing pad, also referred to as a fad, the antique item gains a highly attractive, highly luxurious satin glossy look which is difficult to surpass in appearance.

There are variations in the French polishing method which can create slightly different desired outcomes. As an example, it’s possible to add specific tree sap (sandarac from African Cedar and copal from a number of South American trees) and other additives to the shellac; this shellac mix, combined with light and heat will create a tougher overall finish for the wood.

The French polishing method requires lengthy and repetitive movements in order to create the most beautiful outcome, but it’s good to know that at Mill House Antiques we go the distance to ensure that the antiques you’re shopping for and want to take home will appear absolutely flawless when displayed in your humble abode.

From regal grand pianos to comforting grandfather clocks, the French polishing method we apply brings out the most striking appearance in our antique offerings. You can get an idea of just how beautiful an antique can be after French polishing by visiting Mill House Antiques on 361 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ. You can also learn more about our range of gorgeous antique offerings by browsing through www.millhouseantiques.com or by giving Dave a call at 215-749-2104.