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Rare Walter Durfee MODEL 18 9 TUBE Mahogany Restored Grandfather Tall Case Clock

Measures 102 (with finial) x 24 wide x 15 inches deep Though our days race forward at what seems to be an extraordinary speed, this clock is a reminder of slower, more civilized times. This incredible Walter Durfee Clock was painstakingly restored and is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Durfee clocks like this were usually sold by Tiffany & Company or Bailey Banks and Biddle of Philadelphia. The finish has been professionally restored and French-polished and is breath-taking. Please take notice of the super thick brass plates and the MOVEMENT is Durfee not the case which is most likely RJ Horner of New York. Some Durfee clocks are fitted with NON-Durfee Movements which greatly diminish their value. There is an inscription on the inside door that reads " Here I stand both day and night telling the time with all my might, Do thine example take by me and serve thy God as I serve" From Mary Steward to Philip Rhinelander and Adelaide Kip April 11 1888. For questions about the clock or delivery costs call Dave at 215-749-2104. .

Very Rare Hand-Painted English 5 Tube Musical Grandmothers Clock German Movement WOW

Measures 72 tall x 14 inches wide x 11 inches deep This is one of the rarest and most interesting clocks we have ever had. This incredible 5 tube, "Wintermaiden, Germany" Movement hand-painted French case clock is absolutely original, incredible and untouched. The movement was serviced and lubricated and works great, but the case is in its original state and has never been refinished or polished. This 1910-1920s English clock is just amazing! Call Dave at 215-749-2104 for questions about the clock or shipping costs.

Gorgeous Bronze & Walnut French Cartel Wall Mount Clock

For any questions regarding the item itself or shipping costs call David at 215-749-2104 from 9 am - 9 pm everyday

Superb Elliot of London Federal Mahogany Inlaid Grandfather Tall Clock C1900

Measures 104 (w/o finial 97) x 25 wide x 17 deep. Elliot of London was one of the finest movement companies that made clock movements during the early 1900s-1920s. This gorgeous inlaid Mahogany clock is in Beautiful restored French-polished condition and has fine detail and workmanship. This is a single tube clock that strike on the hour and the movement was just lubricated and serviced.. Call Dave at 215-749-2104 about the clock or delivery.

Restored 18th C George III Inlaid Dutch Hood Grandfather Tall Case Clock MINT

Measures 107 with the finial or 101 without it x 22 wide x 10 inches deep This is one of the most beautiful inlaid walnut and satinwood MUSICAL grandfather clock we have ever owned and had the good fortune to offer for sale. This clock is exceptional in every way and dates to the 1760-80s era and has been restored to museum quality. The rack of bells plays two tunes including the Westminster chime and another chime we do not recognize. If you wish we can play it for you on the phone and you can identify it. For those of you who do not know what this is, but find yourself attracted to it, look around the web for similar clocks to compare. You will find what we have found that there is no comparable clock for the money. This is a true gem and worthy of your serious consideration as they don't come around often! Call David at 215-749-2104 for questions about the clock or delivery costs.

Restored PERIOD Flame Mahogany English Scottish Grandfather Tall Case Clock 1820

Measures 83 t x 14 wide x 10 deep Made in Scotland and dating to over 160 years old this incredible clock is in absolutely beautiful restored condition.Look at the clock face and how beautiful that scenery is. The clock has been painstakingly French-polished and has a fine and luxurious finish. The works have been completely lubricated and checked out by our best clock man! The clock is made of gorgeous flame mahogany and works just like it should and keeps good time. Call Dave at 215-749-2104 for questions about the clock or delivery costs

9 Tube Mahogany Gothic Cathedral Tall Case Grandfather Clock Ever C1890 - Sold

This is a truly stunning, one of a kind grandfather clock. Made by Grand Rapids Clock company this incredible, fully restored clock has a solid mahogany case and a fine high quality German movement. The clock has been professionally French-polished and restored and the movemnet has been completely oiled, lubricated and serviced. Adding to the beauty of the clock is the 9 tube chimes and gorgeous sound quality they produce. Call Dave at 215-749-2104 for questions about the clock or delivery costs. - Sold

Amazing Elliot of London Carved Walnut Grandfather Tall Case Clock C1880 - Sold

Call Dave 215-749-2014 - Sold


Call Dave 215-749-2014

Tall Vienna Regulator Carved Walnut Wall Clock C1890 Great Original Condition

Call Dave 215-749-2014

Beautiful Mother Of Pearl Inlay Vienna Regulator Walnut Clock C1890 - Sold

Call Dave 215-749-2014 - Sold

Gorgeous Antique Walnut Vienna Austrian Regulator Wall Clock Great Design Finish

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Outstanding Solid Mahogany Chippendale Grandfather Clock C1900 Caldwell MINT

Outstanding Solid Mahogany Chippendale Grandfather Clock C1900 Caldwell MINT Measures 96 without the finial and 100 with X 23 w x 16d This is a gorgeous grandfather clock made by Caldwell! Look at the harmonious case and the incredible detail and finish. This case has been painstakingly French-polished to a warm and rich glow. The clock works fine and was recently serviced and oiled. The clock is absolutely spectacular and in beautiful condition. Call David at 215-749-2104 for questions about the clock or shipping.


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Mill House Antiques – NJ Antique Wall and Grandfather Clocks

Timeless and Elegant NJ Antique Wall and Grandfather Clocks Are Our Specialties

Beautiful antique wall and grandfather clocks are an absolute must for any New Jersey home. At Mill House Antiques, NJ antique wall and grandfather clocks are our specialties as we proudly offer a large selection of timeless, elegant, and simply stunning clocks that have the power to add immense charm and aesthetic refinement to your home.

Find a Sublime Antique Wall Clock for Your Home

You’ll be stunned by the tremendous beauty of the antique wall clocks we offer. You can catch a glimpse of the wall clocks we have available by browsing through the ‘Clocks’ section of our website at www.millhouseantiques.com/clocks/. From the magnificent Mother of Pearl Inlay Vienna Regulator Walnut Clock c. 1890 to the impressive Walnut carved German Gustav Becker Regulator clock, you’ll be sure to locate the precise antique clock that will greatly enhance the beauty and ambience of your home.

Elicit Wonderful Emotions with a Spectacular Pristine Antique Grandfather Clock

Gorgeous antique grandfather clocks can instill a sense of wonder and great pride for the owner, and there’s no question that a pristine antique grandfather clock from Mill House Antiques will fill you and your guests with wonderful emotions after finding the perfect location for the clock in your home.

By taking a look at the superb selection of beautiful antique grandfather clocks you’ll soon settle on the perfect grandfather clock that captures your attention the most. Like a moth to the flame, the grandfather clocks we offer will draw you in and fill you with a sense of awe. Flawless craftsmanship, remarkable design and functionality, beautiful wood and perfect condition all work to create simply amazing grandfather clocks like the outstanding and extremely rare Tall Case English Jewelers Astronomical Regulator Clock c. 1830 or the intensely-beautiful Mahogany Adams Paint Decorated Grandmothers Grandmother Clock c. 1900.

Find the Perfect NJ Antique Clock for Your Home Today

Begin browsing through our wonderful selection of beautiful antique wall and grandfather clocks today within the Mill House Antiques website. If you have any questions about any of the stunning antique clocks we proudly offer, then please call us directly at 215-749-2104 or visit us at 361 Broadway in Long Branch, NJ.