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NJ Antique Bed Furniture

Berkey & Gay American Victorian Burled Walnut 3 Piece Bedroom Set C1870 NICE!

For any questions regarding the item itself or shipping costs call David at 215-749-2104 from 9 am - 9 pm everyday

Gorgeous Hand Carved French Louis XVI Walnut Twin Single Beds MINT 1920s Era

For any questions regarding the item itself or shipping costs call David at 215-749-2104 from 9 am - 9 pm everyday

Best Ever PAIR Carved Walnut Inlaid Swan Twin Single French Beds C1920 Restored

Measures 82 inches long x 42 wide x 48 tall (headboard) by 28 tall (footboard) These are really the best French carved walnut swan beds we have ever owned. These are fully French-polished and in beautifully restored. They are standard width at 39 1/2 inches between the rails x 75 long and should work with any standard twin mattress set. They are from the 1920s era and dark wood and hence hard to photograph. Call Dave at 215-749-2104 for questions about the beds or delivery costs.

Romantic French Louis XV Silver Leaf Tufted Upholstered Queen Size Bed CHIC!

Measures 75 tall x 66 inches wide x 89 long. This is a truly beautiful and incredible fully restored Italian or French rococo bed. Look at the genuine silver leaf finish with hints of gold too. Look at the gorgeous reupholstered champagne velvet and just the incredible and unreproducible design. The bed is certainly a masterpiece and will blow you away when you own it.

Museum Quality R J Horner of New York Massive Carved Oak 3 Piece Bedroom Set Original Finish - SOLD

Measures: 75 inches tall x 65 inches wide x 81 inches long Dresser is a massive 71 inches tall x 41 inches wide x 24 inches deep The armoire measures 96 1/2 inches tall x 77 inches wide x 25 inches deep and does break down for delivery This incredible, massive, superbly carved and masculine solid quarter-sawn oak 3 piece bedroom set was sold at Ron Roads auction in 2009, the height of the "great recession" for 46000.00. The set was highly touted by several websites as well as the auction gallery themselves and is quite possibly, the only Horner set of it's kind ever made. As you can see the handsome young man in the photos in 54 inches tall, we are talking about a truly massive set. The set is completely original and has never been touched up, detailed, polished, or damaged. The original amber color and patina are utterly amazing and will drive oak collectors wild. The carved faces of griffins, dolphins, Northwind faces and figural cupids are everywhere. No expense was spared in the design and manufacture of this set and it is the very best of the best, in terms of design, carving and solid- turn-of-the century American Craftsmanship. There are many bedroom sets by Horner online but nothing of this quality, which was reserved specifically for their more formal dining room oak furniture. The theory being that most people enter a home and see the dining room, hence the dining room is where the most money would be spent, and very few, would enter the bedroom, so less money was spent furnishing their. Clearly to have such a highly adorned set in your bedroom meant that you had incredible wealth and prestige. We can ship this set anywhere safely, so please call David at 215-749-2104 for a shipping quote or questions about the set itself. There is none better for twice the price! - SOLD

Incredible Inlaid FRrench Full Double Size Bed Mandolins RESTORED C1920 MINT

Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014

Best Inlaid French Satinwood Pair Twin Single Beds Ever C1920 RESTORED MINT - SOLD

hese beds are stunning! Actually that's an understatement! They are part of a full bedroom set we have listed. The design, the finish and French-polished sheen add to the extraordinary design of these beds. They are standard single beds and will accept modern mattresses and box-springs. They are in excellent undamaged condition and date to the 1920s. Call dave at 215-749-2104 for questions about the beds or delivery. They are the best of the best! - SOLD

3 Piece Figural Pottier & Stymus Victorian Burled Walnut Bedroom Set RARE! - SOLD

This is an extremely rare set of 3 figural and quite obviously important Victorian bedroom furniture. Let's start with the bed, at over 8 feet tall, one can easily imagine the home this bed was created for. The carving quality of the figures and and the incredible gilt incised details really bring this together with the incredible Circassian burled walnut panels. Look at the French-polished original finish and the way the finish is enriched and preserved but not over finished and still retains its original patina. The bed is strong and solid and the marble tops are also all in very good condition. It's very rare to find a half-commode like this and even rarer to find a complete set. Call Dave at 215-749-2104 for questions about the set or delivery costs. - SOLD

Classic Four Poster Bed Queen Size

Width: 67 (inches) | 170.18 (cm) Length: 89 (inches) | 226.06 (cm) Height: 93 (inches) | 236.22 (cm) Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014

Diana Four Poster Bed King

Height: 97 (inches) | 246.38 (cm) Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014.

Louis XV Bed

Call Dave at 215-749-2014

Sleigh Bed

Width: 65 (inches) | 165.10 (cm) Length: 100 (inches) | 254.00 (cm) Height: 52.5 (inches) | 133.35 (cm) Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014

George Head Board Queen Size

Width: 46 (inches) | 116.84 (cm) Height: 60 (inches) | 152.40 (cm) Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014

Athens Bed Queen Size

Width: 87 (inches) | 220.98 (cm) Height: 60 (inches) | 152.40 (cm) Depth: 78 (inches) | 198.12 (cm) Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014

Bed,Louis XVI Single

Width: 60 (inches) | 152.40 (cm) Height: 43 (inches) | 109.22 (cm) Depth: 32 (inches) | 81.28 (cm) Please Call Dave at 215-749-2014

Pineapple Poster Bed

Call Dave at 215-749-2014


Best Monumental Carved Walnut French Queen Size Bed Cupids Soldiers Angels Call Dave at 215-749-2014 Signed by the maker J. Sardino or J. Sarcino Owned by the famous Diamond Jim Brady, one of the worlds most famous and wealthiest men of the late 19th and early 20th century, this incredible bed is in excellent condition and a work of art that few can compare. In fact, if you can compare it at all, please let me know because I can't find anything else to compare it to. Diamond Jim was the first person to own a car in New York City in 1895 and one of the wealthiest men in the world! The bed is is almost a standard queen with inside dimensions of 77 inches Long x 64 inches wide. A custom made mattress is easy enough to acquire, but the bed in front of you is certainly a true one-of-a-kind bed. I am not exaggerating, find me another bed as ridiculously beautiful as this one! The bed is in extraordinary condition and depicts soldiers, angels and numerous mythical creatures, griffons and dragons. Every time I look at it I see something new! The bed dates to the 1860s era and is Italian in origion and works with French and even English periods of design. This is a fantastic piece and not for the faint of heart! There is a pair of similar matching nightstands that closely relate to the bed. They are available separately.

Nj Antique Bed Furniture are a profoundly looked for after in the realm of room furniture. The old-world craftsmanship and exquisite style of these plans have made them incredibly famous with individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds. For some they speak to the loftiness of a past period, for others they are basically “cooler” than the more advanced outlines. Whatever the thinking, there is no preventing the request from claiming these more seasoned beds.

A bed is not at all like  other bits of furniture in the home. While love seats, couches, and lounge area tables are vital to the configuration of their separate rooms, these furniture pieces are not the focal point of rest and unwinding just like a bed. A bed is an a great deal more individual ownership, as it is the spot where a person rests. Also, as a great many people will bear witness to as well, it’s not generally simple to rest in a bizarre, or uncomfortable bed. Also, obviously, once one discovers the ideal bed, they are once in a while willing to surrender it.

Obsolescent beds, for a few individuals, are the best way to go. Most current beds are just produced using treat cutter structures that are of disgraceful workmanship, as well as be exceptionally indifferent and exhausting. By correlation, obsolescent models are regularly handcrafted, and their quality development can be effectively found in their life span. They are frequently produced using strong hardwood instead of the run of the mill particleboard and cover development regularly found in today’s furniture market.

In case you’re in the business sector for obsolescent beds, there are various assets accessible.  In the event that these retailers don’t have what you’re searching for in stock, they can frequently be very useful in following it down for you. There are additionally various online obsolescent merchants too, despite the fact that it is harder to see what you’re purchasing before you pay for it. Daily papers and ordered promotions are likewise awesome spots to discover obsolescent furniture also.